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Thursday, April 17, 2008

RAJ a noviceblogger

Me? a NOBODY masquerading as a CONSULTANT trying to induce farmers to grow Medicinal HERBS, with little success so far.

Hence, what should I do for a living?

Well, one fine day I see this small classified ad in a local newspaper & ended up trying to EARN my Bread & Butter through the WWW(Internet).

After a lot of head scratching & mind bending, lo and behold my FIRST BLOG ( was ONLINE complete with google ads/affiliate ads and what not.

But wonder of wonders NO CLICKS?=NO MONEY?

Back to head scratching?

Then I get this nice email from IZEA about socialspark & HERE I AM friends creating ONE more blog(my second), hoping against hope that THIS will definitely help me make a living online .

Well, I thought, anyway at least I have my own online medium to express my innermost(secret) feelings, fears, thoughts, blunders, trials & tribulations, travails, views, crazy ideas, maybe some serious opinions, anything else which comes to my mind and more.

So there you are friends, my own PERSONAL BLOG, and to tell you the TRUTH I had never imagined even in my wildest dreams THAT I will ever become a WRITER/AUTHOR.

All thanks to this wonderful medium the WWW and all those wonderful, thoughtful people behind it who make it all possible.

Life's twists & turns are strange and we never know what's hidden behind the next turn.
More in my posts......

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